Top 10 Trends Menswear 2014

We have taken an in-depth look at 2014’s menswear trend offerings and carefully selected the ones that stand out as secured styles that are here to stay all year long. From Milan to London, Paris, New York and Rio, we have been front row to determine which are 2014’s Top 10 Menswear Trends.

While tailored suits and formal wear tend to be the norm, this year will see a lot more sporty and casual looks with exciting colors, prints and textures. If you are as intrigued as we are about the future of menswear, stay tuned as we unveil the must-haves for the Spring/Summer and the Autumn/Winter seasons.

Check with Checks!

Checks & Tartans

Checks & Tartans

Tartan, statement plaid and all sorts of check patterns are undoubtedly in trend. Although it is a very classic print that we have seen time and time again, in 2014 menswear designers stepped up their game and found fresh ways to reinvent and deliver new offerings to the runways.

Slazenger in Barcelona included sporty and peppy ones. While in Paris, Phillip Lim took it a step more modern with washed-out check patterns mixed with other prints and they were the print of choice for Louis VuittonUmit Benan showed nostalgic and dark pieces inspired by the Ottoman Empire, at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan. Other designers showing this trend in their collection are Missoni, Vivienne Westwood, David Hart, Josep Abril, Carven and Saint Laurent.

Florals Blooms this Spring

Menswear Florals

Menswear Florals

The floral trend in menswear is blooming and we have consistently seen all sorts of flowers, sizes and colors printed on jackets, shirts, shorts and other garments.

Belgian designer Dries Van Noten was inspired by “pretty, but strange” flower prints he came across, while Frida Gianini’s floral prints for Gucci were also in full bloom during Milan Fashion Week, with colorful matching floral-print tailoring, collared shirts, equestrian-inspired leggings and outerwear. During Paris Fashion Week, Phillip Lim also incorporated flowers throughout his Spring Summer collection. Autumn Winter collections also saw plenty of floral patterns including Christopher Shannon, and 2nd Floor.

All White

All White

All White

Patterns and colors are always exciting, fun and different but all white ensembles have made quite a mark on the runways for these upcoming seasons, both for spring summer and autumn winter. Experts agree that menswear is set to move in a more minimal direction over the coming years and this trend is proof of it. One thing we have learned from 2014 menswear trends is that a white suit is essential for your wardrobe.

With very different approaches to this all white trend for spring summer, Alexander McQueen played with fabrics and textures and even incorporated lace while Rynshu offered a punk rock vibe. Diesel Black Gold gave a twist with their use of leather. Emporio Armani’s collection was the ultimate example of this crisp all white trend and how it should be worn for spring summer including sartorial and sportswear pieces that fit perfectly. Other designers that went with this trend are SlazengerJuun J, and Brazilian brand Auslander.  In conclusion, the white-on-white trend works successfully, for those confident enough to try it.

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Here’s the complete list of the Top 10 Trends Menswear 2014

  1. Printed Jackets
  2. All White
  3. Bomber Jacket
  4. Floral Prints
  5. Oversize
  6. Double Breasted Jacket
  7. Tunics
  8. Rolled-Up Pants
  9. Polka Dots
  10. Checks  


♥ Monique ♥

Top 10 Most Stylish Celebrity Couples

From gorgeous models to rock stars and sports legends, these trendsetters have left their mark in the fashion industry as well as in their professional fields but they have not done it alone. These gorgeous, loving and very well dressed pairs really compliment each other and are clearly each other’s best accessory on and off the red carpet.

We’ll show you which chic, cool and talented Hollywood power couples have made it into our countdown because of their impeccable sense of style while together on and off the red carpet.

The Supermodel and the Jock

Giselle & Tom

Giselle & Tom

We have one of the best looking couples of all time, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen and sports legend Tom Brady.

She is the world’s highest paid model and he is arguably the best American football player and without a doubt the most recognizable. This gorgeous power couple has been compared to real life Ken and Barbie dolls. We certainly agree with InStyle magazine UK when it comes to describing the duo: “Gisele Bundchen can certainly hold her own on the red carpet but with a suited and booted Tom Brady on her arm this lucky lady really does have it all. This is one scorching hot super-couple!”


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Handbags come in all shapes and sizes. Some are so small that you can barely fit your car keys in it along with your change purse. And some are the size that Mary Poppins herself would have been proud of.

I personally prefer small- to medium-sized bags because I have this tendency to carry everything with me! This has caused me to have a lot of shoulder and back pains way back college and early working years. Now, I stick to smaller ones.

A big handbag is actually a convenient way of making sure that you are carrying with you everything that you might possibly need… but then, there are some drawbacks too.

1. Carrying a heavy handbag around along with you all day, everyday can be hazardous to your health. It  may cause back problems, shoulder problems, neck problems–basically, all sorts of problems.

I used to experience shoulder and back pains because of carrying large bags. I also noticed that my shoulders and spine are starting to have alignment problems. I was so scared so I started carrying smaller bags instead that would not put a strain on my spine.


Unboxing: The Little Black Beauty Box December 2013

Bonjour Bella!

Another late post. But it’s better late than never right? :)

Introducing The Little Black Beauty Box December 2013 Edition from StyleXStyle!

The Little Black Beauty Box Dec 2013

The Little Black Beauty Box Dec 2013

That’s how I received it from the mail. A cute box that looks like a book tied with a pink ribbon and with an inserted description card.


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