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Mirenesse 10 Collagen Cushion Compact Airbrush Liquid Powder

Review: Mirenesse 10 Collagen Cushion Compact Airbrush Liquid Powder

Bonjour Bella! How’s the start of your year so far? :) I’m currently on night duty at work and my body is having a hard time adjusting to the schedule… so during my off days, I hibernate. Haha. So I’m very sorry for not posting anything lately. I have a lot of new products to try and share with you… so let’s start off with the Mirenesse 10 Collagen Cushion Compact Airbrush Liquid Powder. If it’s your first time to hear about the brand, Mirenesse is a fully Australian-owned company featuring cruelty-free products backed by 30 years’ of pharmaceutical research. They pride themselves in ...

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Mu Mieux Collagen Beauty Drink

Review: MU MIEUX Collagen from MU Nutrition+ by Mary Chia

Bonjour Bella! In today’s society, all of us are exposed to high levels of electromagnetic waves from the electronic gadgets (e.g. phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and equipment (e.g. microwave, etc.) that we use daily. We are also continuously exposed to harmful UV radiation from the sun and other free radicals in the environment. In addition, we consume several processed foods including those derived from genetically-modified organisms. All of these create an imbalance within our body which result in long-term damaging effects on our health and overall well-being. One of the ways to ...

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Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit body souffle

Origins Gloomaway™ Grapefruit Body Souffle

Bonjour Bella! I first tried the Origins Gloomaway™ Grapefruit Body Souffle during the Luxola Party last November. It was pretty awesome and I loved it! :) So imagine my excitement when Luxola told me that they're sending me the whole tub for review. Yippee! If you're new to Origins, watch this video for an overview of the company and how they create their amazing, powerful, and earth-friendly products. One of the best things about Origins? Their products are formulated with natural and certified organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils AND WITHOUT parabens, ...

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MixnMatch Co.'s Knotlace

Endless Possibilities with MixnMatchCo’s Knotlace

Bonjour Bella! Are you the type of girl who can't go out without any form of accessory -- necklace, bracelet, headband, earrings, or rings? Then, Knotlace would be perfect for you! Knotlaces can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or as a hair accessory. And if you get the longer version, you can even use it as a belt. There are endless possibilities on how to wear them, which is one of the reasons why I love my Knotlace. It's a really great way to transform an outfit from blah to fab. :) ...

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Reduze PRO

Review: Reduze PRO

Bonjour Bella! You must have noticed how much weight I have gained ever since I moved to Singapore. I lost a lot of weight when I went on a diet from December to February... but then I gained them back due to lack of exercise and, well, eating a lot. Some Filipinos don't like Singaporean food... but I'm one of the few who loves the food here so much! Seriously, I can eat a bowl of noodles everyday! Aside from that, I cook really delicious food. Hahahaha! Kidding aside, it's really hard to control my eating habits especially when I enjoy eating. To control my weight, I practice yoga at ...

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Bellabox November 2014

Unboxing: Bellabox November 2014 “Insta-Glam” Beauty Box

Bonjour Bella! I have been terribly busy this month... and there was a time when I was just so sad that I couldn't think properly, much more write. But I'm coping well. Thanks to my family and friends for all the love and support. Here's a virtual hug to all of you! *hugs to infinity and beyond* One of the things I look forward to each month is my Bellabox. :) I am always very excited to open each month's beauty box and see what they've picked out for me. For the past few months, their products have improved so much. In fact, I love each and every product they've sent me! I have nothing ...

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One Night Stand with Luxola

One Night Stand With Luxola

Bonjour Bella! Wednesday is ladies' night. And thanks to Luxola's One Night Stand party at the Boulevard Restrobar, Red Dot Traffic Building, I had a super awesome Wednesday night! Before anything else, I'd like to share with you the products I've used to achieve the night's look: Mirenesse 10 Collagen Cushion Compact Airbrush Liquid Powder Foundation | Ever Bilena Powder Foundation | The Body Shop Brush-on Beads | Avon Ideal Luminous Blush | Avon Color Fold-up Palette | Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit | Nyx Eye Shadow Base | Fanny Serrano Gel Eyeliner | Sephora Concealer | Mirenesse iCurl ...

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Review: Essential Light Finish Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner, Moisturizing Frizz-Free Hair Treatment & Mask

Bonjour Bella! My hair is naturally straight and I like growing it long--until my chest or waist. But whenever I do, the ends tend to get really dry resulting in split ends. So I thought that I have dry hair. But then I noticed that my scalp gets a little oily later in the day. So do I have dry or oily hair? It turns out that I have combination hair--oily at the scalp, dry at the ends! With the kind of weather in Singapore, our hair tends to get really dry from the heat or oily from the humidity. Unfortunately, most of the products in the market are either for dry OR oily hair. So most ...

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