Singapore Blog Awards 2014

Bonjour Bella!

I was so delighted to be invited to attend this year’s Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony, which was held last Saturday, 16 August 2014, at the *SCAPE Ground Theatre.

*SCAPE Ground Theatre

Started in 2008, the Singapore Blog Awards is the brainchild of According to omy, “it was created to honor independent content producers who create and curate content that make for fun, informative, and insightful reads.”

When I got there, I was so happy to see a handful of familiar faces. :) Meet Janice Leong, Jamie Chan, and Fif Phan.

Monique, Janice, Jamie, Fif

Monique, Janice, Jamie, Fif

Attendees were asked to come dressed in smart casual / derby fashion or anything inspired by horses. Most were pretty much in theme. Couldn’t find a nice hat so I just came wearing a dress and heels. :)

The SBA 2014 Ceremony begins

The SBA 2014 Ceremony begins


Dear Dra. Ellen’s SkinCare, STOP USING MY PHOTO!

Bonjour Bella!

I woke up this morning with a message from one of my friends abroad.

Apparently, Dra. Ellen’s Skincare is using my photo, WITHOUT PERMISSION, as part of a product testimonial!

So I tried searching for the pic on my own. It seems that the photo is not available on their Facebook Page, but it is posted on their personal accounts.

Just in case the link above is not available after I post this, here’s a screenshot:

Click to zoom

This is not the first time that someone used my photos for their personal gain. (I was interviewed on Philippine TV before – Video 1Video 2.) Anyway, they used my photo from the “Face of the Day: Color Me Avon” makeup tutorial post. (The photo on the top left is not of me and is not mine. I never had that MUCH acne.)

First of all, I AM NOT THEIR CUSTOMER. I have NEVER bought nor used any of their products.

To add insult to injury, the testimonial read as:

Miss Rica, hello! Kilala mo pa ako? Hehehe! Update lng ako, and dis time oorder ng maintenance :) tpos nko sa Rejuv set and anti pimples :) eto picture as i promise hehe! :*

This is sooo freakin’ annoying and downright disgusting! I would NEVER post a testimonial that has so many grammatical errors! Oh please, I’m a writer and a former Editor in Chief. I know better than to write like that.

Plus, I would NEVER reuse photos from my makeup tutorials and use them for product reviews. I always take a lot of photos before, during, and after trial periods so I can fully document any progress, good or bad.

They claim to provide “accurate information” and they’re even “DTI-Registered.” Their products are probably not effective that is why they need to use other people’s beautiful photos and make fake testimonials. Sheesh. So pathetic!


May this post serve as a deterrent to future perpetrators.

By the way, check out their FB page. Who knows, they might be using your photo(s) too!

Please help me spread the word and boycott Dra. Ellen’s Skincare!


♥ Monique ♥

Review: Made by David Organics Happy Hair Honey Deep Conditioner

Bonjour Bella!

My housemates and I are currently busy packing our things because we’re moving soon! And then I just saw this huge bag of products I’ve emptied out and haven’t reviewed yet. So I’m just gonna start reviewing them one by one. :-)

Have you ever heard of Made by David Organics? I actually wrote a Made by David Organics: Shopper’s Guide last year.

For today, I’m gonna review the Made by David Organics Happy Hair Honey Deep Conditioner.


Unboxing: BellaBox July 2014 “La Petite Parisienne” Beauty Box

Bonjour Bella!

I have always been enamored of Paris. My first name and even my blog name is French. I speak French, too! :-) These are just some of the reasons why I was so excited to receive my Paris-themed July Bellabox.

As Stephanie from Bellabox said, “Paris represents so many beautiful things to people – a picturesque, romantic city with rich and diverse cultures… tasty food and wine experience… and last but not least, gorgeous and classy women.”

Yes, and this is why the Paris-themed box has 3 of the things that will make you classy, sexy, mysterious, and still look natural like a Parisienne: lipstick, hair products, and fragrance.

Are you ready to know what’s inside by July Bellabox? Let’s do this unboxing!



Celebrating True Singaporean Shiokness with McDonald’s Satay Burgers

Photo Credits: McDonald’s Singapore

Bonjour Bella!

I was invited to a McDonald’s food-tasting event last Friday and I’m so happy to be one of the first few to try this new offering from McDonald’s, which is my favorite fast food restaurant! ^_^

I was one of the early birds during the event and while waiting for the event to start, we were served with the delicious and refreshing Strawberry McFizz™.

Other bloggers started arriving soon after. This is my first event in Singapore and I was very delighted to be in the company of other bloggers. ^_^ After a few minutes, Sam arrived and announced that McDonald’s will soon be offering Satay Burgers.

If you’re a local, you probably know what Satay is. For those who do not know, Satay is a dish of seasoned, skewered, and grilled meat (beef, mutton, pork, chicken, etc) served with peanut sauce, onions, and cucumbers.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

It was then time to treat ourselves to a familiar Singaporean flavor with McDonald’s Shiok Shiok Satay Burgers!


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