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Bacolod Day 1

I am currently on a business trip here at Bacolod, the world renowned “City of Smiles.” Their smiles are indeed so warm. And I love the way they talk, particularly their sing song voice. It’s not so hard to understand their dialect given my brief experiences with others like Cebuano, Bisaya, Ilonggo, etc. 🙂
So on my first day here, I had a major headache and sore throat. Plus, it was such bad luck that it was raining so I wasn’t able to go out for dinner. Time to order room service from the hotel. I ordered buttered chicken with rice for only P55.

Buttered Chicken with Rice
Buttered Chicken with Rice

Not bad. Except that it should have been just called chicken flavored buttered breading. LOL! It was mostly breading, to my dismay.
One thing’s for sure, no more hotel food for the rest of my stay here. :p

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