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Central Fire Station in Singapore

Singapore’s Central Fire Station

I was walking around Singapore one day when I came upon this building. The architecture and the colors struck me most that is why I would like to share this with all of you.
The Central Fire Station, also known as the Hill Street Fire Station, is Singapore’s oldest surviving fire station. Completed in 1909, the distinctive red-and-white brick building was gazetted as a national monument by the Preservation of Monuments Board on 18 December 1998. Still an active station, it also houses the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, which showcases the firefighting history of Singapore. The gallery was opened to the public in 2001.
If you have kids, you can take them here for a free tour. On Saturdays, particularly between 9am and 11am,  kids can visit this fire station and get a close-up look at the duties of the Fire Brigade. They can ride on an engine and take pictures with the firemen and the Red Rhinos, which is a smaller version of the fire truck. Then, you can head next door to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, a mini fire-fighting museum housing old trucks and equipment, plus interactive games and activities on the second level.
I love exploring the wonders of Singapore day by day. It is just so refreshing to see such a wonderful and historical structure in the midst of modern architectures.
♥ Monique ♥

Central Fire Station / Civil Defence Heritage Gallery
62 Hill Street Singapore
(65) 6332 2996
Opening hours: Tue to Sun (10am – 5pm), Closed on Mondays
Admission: Free
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