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Will Phaseolus vulgaris make me thin?

Lobese (Phaseolus vulgaris)
Lobese (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Generika Drugstore now carries Lobese* which contains Phaseolus vulgaris, a potent starch blocker. Actually, it is an extract from white kidney bean. And although is has been used as a main food staple in Central and South America for thousands of years, it is now coming onto the forefront as a diet and weight loss product ingredient as a starch blocker.

According to EvaPharm, Inc., it is proven to reduce weight to as much as 7 lbs in 1 month! (I was actually able to lose 7 lbs in 1 week using the Rebisco cracker diet. But that would involve going on an almost hunger strike.) It prevents carbohydrate absorption, reduces calorie intake from regular meal, and promotes healthy weight management. With Lobese, I can actually eat all the carbs that I want without getting fat! Now I can eat kare-kare and sinigang with rice–without feeling guilty afterwards. Same goes with noodles and pasta. 🙂 Yay!

The efficacy of Lobese is backed by clinical trials, which gives us the reassurance of its safety and effectiveness.

The main and important ingredients are phaseolin and phaseolamin, which block the production and use of alpha-amylase. Alpha-amylase is a chemical that takes carbohydrates and turns them into fat cells for long term storage. Thus, Phaseolus vulgaris keeps the body from absorbing as many calories and carbohydrates, thereby stopping up to one third of the carbohydrates that we eat each day from becoming stored as fat. This will definitely assist in preventing further weight gain. (What about losing the current weight that I have? I think I need a metabolism booster and an appetite suppressant as well. Haha!)

But even with all these weight loss supplements, physical fitness is definitely essential to good health and is one of the best things that we can do for our body, mind, and spirit. Plus, exercise improves the way our body works and can make us look better, feel better, and live longer.

Now, if I can only find the boost I need to start a daily exercise routine…

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m gonna try this on myself and see if this actually works. So I’ll call this the LOBESE CHALLENGE. I currently weigh 110 lbs and I am going to try taking this product for 10 days. I will be taking the product as indicated, 1 capsule for three times a day, 15 to 20 minutes before meals. I will be eating as usual and I will see if I will be losing weight. If you’re trying this out as well, let me know your progress okay? I’ll be blogging again about this after 10 days. So… wish me luck! 🙂

Click here for more information on Lobese.

*Lobese is initially available in selected Generika Drugstores. Each bottle contains 60 capsules though you may opt to purchase per piece for only PhP 22.00 each.

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