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WHO-FIP Handbook on Developing pharmacy practice: A focus on patient care

Good morning to all pharmacists and pharmacy students all over the world!

I want to share with all of you something to read called “Developing pharmacy practice: A focus on patient care,” a handbook by the World Health Organization and International Pharmaceutical Federation. This was one of the suggested reading materials during the Philippine Pharmacists Association 2012 National Convention I attended a few weeks ago.

Click here to download the file. Original file downloaded from FIP.

Here’s a quote:

“Pharmacists should move from behind the counter and start serving the public by providing care instead of pills only. There is no future in the mere act of dispensing. That activity can and will be taken over by the internet, machines, and/or hardly trained technicians. The fact that pharmacists have an academic training and act as health care professionals puts a burden upon them to better serve the community than they currently do.”

This introductory handbook sets out a new paradigm for pharmacy practice. Its aim is to guide pharmacy educators in pharmacy practice, to educate pharmacy students and to guide pharmacists in practice to update their skills. The handbook, which brings together practical tools and knowledge, has been written in response to a need to define, develop and generate global understanding of pharmaceutical care at all levels.

There are so many challenges in the pharmacy practice but we can overcome them by working together as a team and synergizing. After all, Mark Twain said, “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
Have a blessed day!

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