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Sample Room: Try Before You Buy

Sample Room: Try Before You Buy
Sample Room: Try Before You Buy

Sample Room officially launched yesterday, December 3 at around 1pm. I have been waiting for the website to launch since last month. And when it was their time to launch, I had a hard time logging in due to the web traffic. I believe there were so many users trying to register all at the same time that is why the website was mostly down.
Sample Room is the country’s “first ever beauty and lifestyle sampling website.” You can get free samples of products for skincare, hair care, body care, fragrance, cosmetics, tools, health, slimming, and lifestyle. I totally love their concept! All you have to do is register and you will be given an initial of 100 points. You will be using those points to avail of free samples of the products that you wish to try. All you have to pay for is the delivery charge. You will earn more points when you make a review of the products you availed. So easy right?
This is perfect for impulsive buyers and those who wish to test the products first before they actually buy the full-sized versions. When I plan to buy a new product, I usually check the reviews first to see what the others who have tried it have to say about the quality, value for money, and other features of the products. However, not all of us have the same skin type. What works for others may not work for you! Sample Room gives us the opportunity to try the products and see for ourselves. Plus, it is also an online interactive community where you can write and share reviews of the products you have tried. Rating and reviewing the samples you got will let you earn back the points that were deducted from you from availing the samples. Aside from that, it will also let you earn more incentive points!
If the product you have tried works for you, then you will know that when you buy the full-sized version, it is money well spent. 🙂
Here’s a simple infographic on how Sample Room works:
How It Works
How It Works

Looks fun and easy, right?
I was trying to register yesterday since 1pm but the site was always unavailable. By the time I had the time to log in again (after doing the laundry), most of the samples were already out of stock. 🙁 Boohoo! I wish they would restock soon and would stock larger quantities of samples.
Upon registering, you will be asked to fill up a survey form which will give them an idea on your skin type, hair type, and types of products that you are interested in. After registering, you are now free to try their samples!
Here’s a list of the first batch of samples up for grabs:

  • Skin Care – Shu Uemura Whitefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil
  • Skin Care – Kiehl’s Açaí Damage-Correcting Moisturizer
  • Hair Care – Kérastase Oleo-Relax Fluide
  • Fragrance – Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua for Women
  • Cosmetics – Benefit the POREfessional

And since they ran out of stocks so easily… I won’t be able to try for this batch. I will just wait for the new stocks to be released. 🙂
You should also take note that you can only avail up to 3 samples per shipment. The fourth sample will be shipped separately. They ship via Xend Express and their shipping fee is 100 pesos for 0.5kg within Metro Manila. Click here to view all the other Frequently Asked Questions.
Like Sample Room on Facebook and Follow @SampleRoomPh on Twitter. Visit Sample Room now and start sampling! 🙂
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