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oh well.. 🙂 all smiles.. at the moment.. i’m sitting here.. at G-Unit Net Cafe… might as well enjoy the moment.. but really.. i’m so tired.. i don’t know why.. it’s just that i spent the morning looking for somethng to wear.. and in the end.. i ended up dressing in a jogging pants..and a very loose shirt.. (our PE t-shirt way back in high school.. damn.. ) and my sneakers.. haay.. that’s it.. a very sporty outfit.. damn.. ksi naman.. i should have been wearing a spaghetti strap.. (red) and flowery shorts.. but.. someone rejected the idea.. damn.. oh well.. so here.. i also haven’t eaten my lunch.. damn.. what should i do..
enrolment ko na sa may 17.. someone should remind me that i have to get xrayed… coz it must be ready before the 17th.. oh well.. just dropping by here.. coz i haven’t really written anything for such a long time.. it seems like i can’t find something good to write about.. and when there is SOMETHING.. i end up not writing anything.. coz.. laziness strikes at the wrong time.. and sometimes.. im not in the mood.. what a perfect excuse
and besides.. i’m in hiding… so.. bihira na lang ako dito sa shop.. i’m hiding from someone.. next time ko na kwento.. coz that someone might read this.. accidentally.. errr.. basta.. the sex/gender is unidentified.. and the person goes by the name of ANONYMOUS.. bwaahahahahaha…
i gotta get going na… i miss all my friends.. and damn.. my sunburn is peeling na. rather.. exfoliating.. err…
(i’ll tell you about my batangas trip next time.. when i have the time..) :p 😉

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