Unboxing: BellaBox May 2014 “Get Active!” Beauty Box

This month is #GetActiveMay with BellaBox! True to its theme, BellaBox is full of things that will support your active lifestyle. Without further ado, here are the unboxing photos of my BellaBox. ^_^ It took a while for me to get this box because I couldn’t get a proper timing. Work sched has been really crazy. :-( I received a really big box… Turns out, 2 items couldn’t really fit inside the blue box.

BellaBox May 2014: Get Active!

BellaBox May 2014: Get Active!

Once opened, there’s the usual featured theme photo with the list of products behind it. There are also a handful of coupons and product leaflets. Then all the products were wrapped in a pink wrapper tied with a pink ribbon. So pink! Love it! ^_^

BellaBox May 2014: Get Active!

BellaBox May 2014: Get Active!

This box is really perfect for me. I’ve become more active ever since I joined the running club in our hospital. I try to run at least twice a week (as shift schedule permits). I’ve never been a physically active person so this running is very new to me. I’m not a pro at it. In fact, I’m one of the slowest runners in the group. But every time I finish a run with my colleagues, I feel like I’ve achieved something really big! Finally, I am on the road to becoming fit and healthy! :)

BellaBox May 2014: Get Active!

BellaBox May 2014: Get Active!

So here’s my BellaBox May 2014:

BellaBox May 2014: Get Active!

BellaBox May 2014: Get Active!

And here’s a list of all the products inside the box:

BellaBox May 2014: Get Active!

BellaBox May 2014: Get Active!


Description: Formulated with a moisture lock complex that injects and maintains moisture, it contains pearl, camellia oil, lotus and shell ginger leaf essences–all vital nutrients for a hair health boost.
Price: $14.90 (100 ml)
Thoughts: So excited to use this one. As my hair grows longer, I’ve noticed that it’s becoming drier. :( So I’m thrilled to be able to get this product at such good timing!


Description: This solid stick anti-perspirant offers superior protection from excessive perspiration that can cause odor and moisture discomfort. Glides on smoothly for up to 72 hours of freshness and dryness.
Price: $15.90 (50 ml)
Thoughts: Who wouldn’t take a bath for more than 72 hours especially when you’re all so sweaty? Anyway, I don’t really use any anti-perspirant since I’m not the type to easily sweat. But ever since I’ve started running lately, it seems that my sweat glands suddently decided to become really active. Will definitely use this on days when I’m scheduled to run. Let’s see how it works on me. :)


Description: Pamper those over-worked pins and feet with this cooling, moisturising balm. Concentrated with allantoin, peppermint and glycerin, this feet and leg balm leaves your skin soft and hydrated.
Price: $15.90 (75 ml)
Thoughts: This is really good for those with dry legs and feet. No matter how pretty your shoes are, if your legs and feet are dry and flaky, it will look ugly. So better use this moisturizer to have pretty feet all day long. :)


Description: A leave-in moisturizer that injects a dash of moisture while keep your scalp dandruff-free.
Price: $4.80 (100 ml)
Thoughts: I can’t imagine using this one. Don’t really have problems with dandruff. Wish they’d sent me something for hair fall instead. Still, leave-in hair moisturizer that is also anti-dandruff isn’t a bad idea.


Description: A moderate-strength spot treatment gel that contains Benzoyl Peroxide to kill P. acnes, an acne-causing bacteria within 48 hours! It also contains Acrylates Copolymer (AC) Beads to absorb excess oil while releasing glycerin to keep skin hydrated and comfortable.
Price: $17.50 (60 g)
Thoughts: This product is really amazing! It dries up pimples real quick. :) Just make sure to apply on affected areas only!


Description: Exclusively designed with a cream base and a smooth finish, show off a feminine or flirty “just flushed” lip or cheek look! Long-lasting, streak- and fade-free, it sits well for as long as you want to stand out.
Price: $47.50
Thoughts: This product sounds really interesting. Never tried anything even remotely similar to this. Can’t wait to try this one!


Description: A unique BB cream with intensive hydrating and brightening effects that will leave your skin radiating with a gorgeous glow. Designed with a built-in finger puff, this hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and dermatologist-tested BB cream is the only thing you’ll ever need.
Price: $47 (12 g)
Thoughts: Sounds really impressive and promising right? I’m really thrilled that I have this as a sample in my box!

I am definitely very happy with the products in this month’s BellaBox! They are finally giving me what I WANT-slash-NEED. Haha! :)

So what’s in your BellaBox this May?

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