Slow Internet Connection from Smart Bro due to Fair Usage Policy

I’ve had it with Smart Bro!

We’ve been a subscriber of Smart Bro for more than 2 years already (Smart Bro Unlimited Internet for 999 pesos every month). I chose them over Globe and Sun because they did not have bandwidth capping then. They advertised for unlimited internet. The contract says unlimited internet and does not include anything about bandwidth capping. Just to be sure, I also asked one of their agents if they really do not have bandwidth capping, which he affirmed. And so I was a very happy subscriber with only a few instances of slow internet, usually when there is a heavy storm.

But ever since this summer, we have been experiencing very slow internet connection. I was not in the country during those times but my siblings reported the incident to me. They even called the Smart Bro hotline yet the issue was not resolved. It was only when I got back from abroad that I got to experience the snail-like internet connection.

Since I was so fed up with this bad connection, I decided to send a tweet to @SMARTCares. Here’s how our conversation went:

Tweets with @SMARTCares

Tweets with @SMARTCares (numbered according to reading sequence)

And here’s a screenshot of our DMs:

DMs with @SMARTCares

DMs with @SMARTCares (click to view larger image)

Here’s a screenshot of the internet connection that I am complaining about:

Dial-up Internet Speed from Smart Bro Dial-up Internet Speed from Smart Bro (c/o

Dial-up Internet Speed from Smart Bro (Result c/o

Upon searching on Google using “Smart Bro slow internet” as keywords, I saw that I share the same problem with so many other Smart Bro subscribers. We are all experiencing very slooow internet connection since this April.

The reason for all this trouble: PLDT has started implementing a myBro Fair Usage Policy and we were not even informed about it. The policy says that when subscribers reach the optimum volume allocation for a single user, they will lower your speed. This lowering of bandwidth is known as bandwidth capping or throttling. During my early months as a subscriber, we could reach up to 700 kbps. Last year, we were average 300 kbps. Now, we get just less than 100 kbps. Ano to? Dial-up?

Another note, those who use torrent softwares are also included in the said policy: “The service level and/or connectivity to users of peer-to-peer and machine-to-machine software/applications is modulated to ensure that all customers get the best fixed wireless Internet experience.”

According to an article online, the monthly bandwidth allocation for Smart Bro/myBro subs is only 15GB. (UPDATE: According to other users, the limit is now 50GB.) If you have used that much data before the end of the month, you will experience a slowdown in connection. The normal speed will return the following month.

This is just so unfair! I do not get what’s fair in their Fair Usage Policy. I signed up for unlimited internet service with no bandwidth cap. The nerve of PLDT and Smart to implement this without even informing us. Whereas if we were just late for a few weeks in paying our bills, we get so many calls reminding us of our obligations.

Because of this, I want to change my internet service provider… but I can’t! We’re still locked-in until March 2014. They are asking us to pay a termination fee as stated in the contract. So unfair right? :-(

And because of the slow internet connection with Smart Bro, I am posting this article by tethering my internet from my mobile under Globe MySuperSurf 999 Postpaid Plan. Check out the speed of Globe vs Smart below:

Globe Telecom vs Smart Bro

Globe Telecom vs Smart Bro

Such a big difference in speed! I am mostly working from home and I can’t get much work done using our Smart Bro connection at home.

To those who are thinking of availing a myBro plan, think first whether you are okay with this policy. They are still advertising Unlimited Internet, but how could it be unlimited if there is a limit?

Thus, to all those Smart Bro subscribers who are in the same predicament as I am, sign this petition at And do not forget to lodge a complaint at NTC here:

You can also like this Facebook page and connect with other subscribers who are having the same problem. It would also be a big help if you would share this article so we could get more people to sign the petition.

Let us boycott Smart Bro. I will not pay our bills at Smart Bro until they return the real UNLIMITED INTERNET and remove the bandwidth throttling.



UPDATE: We have been exempted from the FUP. That was after filing 2 complaints at NTC and complaining through their customer service hotline. I think the events occurred between July 24 and July 26. I filed two complaints at NTC. One is about the slow internet connection and the other one is about the unfairness of implementing the FUP without informing the subscribers about it. I got an email from NTC forwarding my complaints to NTC. After that, I got a call from SmartBro customer service. I complained so much about their poor service. The conversation was very long… it lasted for almost an hour! And then the customer service representative informed me that there is a way to be exempted from this and that he will submit a proposal for approval by their boss. I told him that he should do that. And then around 2 days later, he called me again informing me that my account has been exempted from FUP. That’s it. (Even when they exempted us, as a form of protest, we are still not paying our bills until they lift the FUP for all subscribers.)

UPDATE: SmartBro already disconnected our internet service end of September 2013 due to non-payment.


  1. says

    I’m also currently a myBro subscriber and like you, I also got pissed with their not-so-fair usage policy. The contract we signed said “unlimited.” Now they silently slid this anti-consumer policy without us even noticing until our connection slows down. WTF.

    I also work from home and at the same time, I also play online games via PlayStation 3. This stuff is really against me.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Smart/PLDT won’t agree with inter-connected networks set-up that Globe has been pushing through. This set-up would have allowed smoother connections across all networks, but Smart/PLDT said they won’t agree to it because they will lose advantage over Globe. But until then, we can still suffer delayed text messages from Globe to Smart.

    • monique says

      Hi! True… we’re actually in the process of filing a complaint against them. Would you like to be part of the witnesses? Just visit the Facebook page that I mentioned above. :)

      I’m so glad that I have unlimited surfing on my mobile phone at least I have backup connection.

      Smart Bro really sucks. :(

      • moose says

        Hello monique, hows the petition going? i recently experienced this FUP and its so annoying, i subscribed to smart bro last month only, and im stuck with this for 2 years?, so frustrating not knowing about this,

  2. says

    I also currently facing that problem in Smart Bro.. I facing a very slow connection, i only have a Download Speed of 1.40 Mbps and Upload Speed of 0.28 Mbps.. In surfing youtube and facebook,. fuck.!!!., youtube can’t play and facebook apps is so slow to loading..

    Smart Bro is damn.. there weak!!! and trickster!!!

    • MacAddress says

      Try to use Globe Tattoo much better Cuz the MINIMUM SPEED IS 358 Kbps And The Maximum speed is 42 Mbps It depends on Your signal and etc… SO THINK ABOUT IT

  3. TScape says

    Fuckers. Unlimited? Bullshit. Why put a cap in an “Unlimited” internet plan? Logic anyone? I used to do gaming youtubing before this. I was like uploading daily and even more, but now I had to fucking stop just as when I hit the 20k subs mark because I couldnt upload videos in good quality. Fuck u smart for ruining my youtubing career.

  4. red says

    I think I have the same problem, Im using smart bro prepaid and subscribing unlisurf 200..last moth my DS is about 200 kBps above, this week upon loading again surprisingly receiving DS at 20 kBps..nakakainis sayang ang load hindi makapag browse ng maayos I inserted it to my android phone its the same mess..any help just in case pls….

    • monique says

      Hi! You’re under FUP already if that’s your speed. Try calling their customer service for clarification. :)

  5. Yhel says

    Hi, I wish I saw this earlier :( I didn’t know that they are doing this. I just signed a contract 2 days ago, and I even told the lady who assisted me that I am a heavy user and that I also download heavily. Gosh. They are not honest at all. :(

      • Yhel says

        Hi Monique! :) I went to Smart just awhile ago to complain about this. Since I’m a new user, I only experienced lower Mbps or Kbps ( I sometimes get 700 Kbps only on despite having a good area – I live near Rockwell) during peak hours (morning and evening). I asked about this FUP thing and they said that it is NOT applicable to Broadband users. The FUP, according to them,ONLY applicable to mobile users (the ones bundled with call, text and internet plans and a phone).

        So I asked, if this is not applicable to me, why do I only experience 20 kbps when I download torrents? I said I understand the fluctuation of the signal but if it’s like in the wee hours I receive 6.6 Mbps, I should have a download speed suitable to that. They said they’ll report it to the technical team about this because it’s not right. And the agent honestly mentioned that bandwidth capping is not written in the contract without me telling her.

        Anyway, I also took the chance to tell them that many are unhappy and are protesting because they are not receiving the right amount of speed that they paid for. I also wanted her to try to search about the slow Internet connection with torrents so they’ll have an idea but she said they are not allowed to do so. :( I hope, in a way, I was able to help and made a little difference.

        • monique says

          We subscribed to their SmartBro Canopy 999 plan and we experienced FUP. Having a speed of 20 kbps means that you’re under FUP already. :(

        • monique says

          Hi Yhel! Currently, terminating the account is not an option anymore because they exempted my account from the FUP. But we are still protesting the policy… thanks for the recommendation. Will check that out when we decide to terminate. :)

          • marilyn says

            kahit na matagal na hindi na nakakabit nang smartbro pero hanggang ngayon malakin na bayaran ko more than 6t na kahit last year pa wala na talagang internet connection palaging loading or reload pag tumawag ka sa csr repeated story or under maintenance and bigyan ka marami na akong report number kasi tawag ako nang tawag at ngayon ipa abogado ako dahil hindi raw ako nagbabayad…sobra talaga sila hindi na nga kami nakakagamit lumaki pang billing namin kahit 6 months na bakit hindi nila pinotol mga maro talaga

  6. Jomar Arepse says

    FUP means Fucked Usage Policy… they are the one who benefits from this policy to prevent their system from crashing, I hate them so much from not informing us about this FUP and much worst they wont say a thing on how much data we can consume in a month.. but if we reach their FUP they reduce our Internet speed into 10% of the speed plan that we have subscribe. it is like (GLOBE@Home Broadband Consumable Plan) But globe tell their costumers how much Data they can consume per month or per day. (Looks like smart had to change their offer to Consumable smart broadband and not smart unlimited broadband) F@%K Y53 Smart.

  7. Sora says

    Really? they’re giving exemptions? that’s just messed up, i reached the data cap in four days and have to suffer slow connection for the rest of the month. There’s no way in hell i’m paying my bills, this is not what we signed up for.

  8. Bownie says

    Monique, hi! so after they have exempted you from the FUP, are you still experiencing any problems with your connection? if not, can you teach me how to submit a complaint on NTC? its been 2 weeks since i am not able to use my mybro because of the slow connection 😀 I would love to be exempted as well HAHA! thank you!!

    • monique says

      Hello! No more problems since the exemption. You can send a complaint thru the NTC link that I posted above. :) wait for their reply… they will be forwarding your complaint to Smart. Smart called me after they received my forwarded complaint from NTC. :)

      • Chuckie Chuckie says

        Can I have a link? My Smart Bro pocket WiFi is too slow.. No not slow.. But I can’t upload pics .. I don’t know why?? Plsss help

  9. says

    aawww!! I wished I read this yesterday! I just signed a 2 year contract. My globe tattoo suddenly started to have weak signals in our house and getting slow and interrupted connections. But at the office I get 300-400kbps DL. But I decided to try Smart. And to my surprise its worst! now both in my house and office I have slow connections..:( I want to discontinue my smartbro! how???

  10. Jhyden says

    wha?… good thing i Stumbled to this article…. i was thinking about acquiring a much faster internet connection (i’m currently using smart bro plug-it) and upgrading to mybro/smart canopy was an option. But since i was receiving negative comments about smart’s internet connection i decided to search the online if it’s true… well based on my Plug-it, those comments were a bit true.. i,m having that 20k of slowness bandwidth… i can only start enjoying it from “10PM – 5AM”(oh com’on) which could reach up to 300kbps ONLY on average,(well i actually reached 2.2Mbps ONCE >:( when we first bought it ). thanks to this article i became aware of that “FUP” trash…

  11. Al says

    Hi, im a smart bro user in 599 plan. ive downloaded files worth 38gb to be exact in a period of 14 days. then FU*K policy kicks in, ay este FUP pala. increased na pala ang download cap to 50gb?hindi pa umabot nang 50gb ang dinownload kung files tapos nag slowdown na yung speed to 20~30kbps

  12. Cris says

    how did you file a complaint in NTC? i also want to file a complaint against smart bro for i just found out the FUP and the agents doesn’t know the specifications of the FUP and they just assume that i am affected by it.

  13. jk says

    So this is why i’m having a crappy 20 kbps now. I think I’m not extending my contract with smart broke anymore, but I think I’ll have to wait 8 long months for that to happen. They just piss everyone with their download cap on their service now, and they call it unlimited!? Can’t play dota 2 anymore Geeezz -_-

  14. Antonio III says

    Damn.. Smart bro really sucks. Yesterday, every after 15-40mins the net’s gone and i have to wait 5-10mins to get online again. Today, every after 5-30mins the net’s gone. what the f****’s wrong with this?! AZAR! i have to wait till 2016. -_-”

  15. IamniccoG says

    for how many days did you wait since u sent a complaint in NTC? and while talking to SMART BRO after u submitted a complaint on NTC what did you say for you to be exempted on FUP? please reply. I sent a complaint just now. and hopefully NTC will reply back ASAP

    • monique says

      Just a few days. Told them they had no right to do that to their subscribers among other rants. The agent suggested that maybe he could do something for me to be exempted from the FUP. He told me that it would be pending approval of their boss. So I said, okay, go ahead. Just tell me when my account is exempted already. That’s it. Hope your case would be resolved too. :)

  16. IamniccoG says

    Thanks Monique! hopefully, just like in your case the NTC will take actions ASAP. As of now, I haven’t receive any email yet from NTC. Once NTC will email me and SMART BRO will call me.. I will tell them in behalf of all SMART BRO users all about this FUP complaints.. and I will inform you all what will be their RESPONSE.

  17. IamniccoG says

    Monique! I’ve got email from NTC just now.. and they already forwarded my complaint to smart. Can you tell me, for how many day/s I will wait until SMART will call me?

  18. MiMi says

    OMG!!! I have the same problem. And tot think I am a new subscriber. This really sucks!!! My connection slowed down and I read the complaints, so unfair on our part with this FUP.

  19. spod says

    Thank you to everyones input I too have now submitted a complaint to NTC, and will post you the feedback,has anyone experienced connection problems in Cebu, Smart bro does not connect to INTERNET and SERVER, and the connection drops out after a few minutes?I would appreciate any feedback, Thanks in advance

    • Antonio III says

      Hey dude! im from cebu too. so your also having the same kind of problem of mine. when did your problems started? mine is at the evening of sept 23, 2013 and until now. it really sucks, i have to go to the net shop just to finish my online assignment. damn, my speed is great but soon the net will turn off and i have to wait atleast 40 mins to get back online again. this happens every 30-40mins. Im new to this but whats NTC?

  20. says

    We actually don’t have any choice since this B.S. PLDT is controlling the whole Internet of our country, from Smart, Sun, Etc. they own it. That’s why our internet is very expensive in the Philippines. I hope congressmans who are just spending PDAF can do something about this monopolize Internet.

    • monique says

      True, internet in the Philippines is so expensive. Here in Singapore, we pay only about 2,000 pesos per month for a speed of 150 Mbps for download and 75 Mbps for upload. :)

  21. says

    Jean, after reading your story, I felt somehow misled – was I made to believe that receiving my e-mail, the former head of Smartbro took time to ask a supervisor to call me? I am no longer confident because only their spiels differ but their approach was almost similar. If they can exempt Smartbro/myBro canopy from FUP or ‘Fair Use Policy’, what’s the need to migrate it to myBro Wimax?

    So, he said the last time we talked that I don’t need to pay my bill because they shouldered it and also used my rewards points (from my hard earned payments).

    What about my technical rebates? He thought I will not bring it up anymore because of their ‘goodwill’! Based on my other calls, I found out that whether scheduled or unscheduled technical activity affecting my internet signal, one hour or less is considered as whole day rebate. Was it because rebate process can take forever based on the rebate process/flow chart – you need to call back when your internet signal is normal. I never got an internet signal problem rebate that I frequently reported for my more than two years of Smartbro Canopy subscription.

    I asked his manager’s name and later on demanded it when he insinuated that we’re already negotiating. I told him negotiation is when we sit down at NTC. What I expected of him is to acknowledge their mistakes and give me a detailed time frame to rectify them. Likewise, the time for approvals lapsed, it’s either the boss declined it or not and the definite date I’ll get my certificate and statement of account indicating zero balance and detailed adjustments.

    I’ll try to update my blog after he calls me back.

  22. says

    i had the same experience regarding this issue i spoke to an agent, also a supervisor but they cant tell me what is the max allocation of the fair usage policy according to the supervisor they do not have a copy of how much us customer to should consume then I asked them how come you can tell me that I have reach the max allocation if you do not know what are the number, But that is not the issue yes i have read that if you consume that allocated connection you will encounter a lower speed but how come its only 0.1mbps also Its only 10 days since I had it. This is not fair, I am paying for 2mbps not 0.1,

  23. says

    Amazing story! And just like you, I am working from home so I mostly rely on my internet connection and I’ve had it with Smart Bro too. So tomorrow, I am heading to NTC to file a formal complaint as I’ve been chasing Smart for over two months now and I am continuously being billed for the worst service ever! Let’ see what happens and let’s find out if NTC here can do their job. Seriously, country’s leading ISP ei? What a crap.

  24. Hanz Garr Torres says

    buti nalang nasa ko ito, i just applied for a new contract at smartbro last september, was really enjoying the fast torrent downloads and youtube streaming then just suddenly, last friday, connections seems to slowdown from the amazing 200kbps dl speed, to so much simply unamazing, 20kps for both idm and utorrent, was thinking that i just messed up with my router or something, i flashed my router, checkd my computer, even scanned it for a virus, and voila still experiencing this crppay net. thus is searched for slow smartbro and i saw this, FUP. and to think im just a month only user and im into this already hahahaha! nakakbadtrip na ang Smartbro, una ung sa account ng mom ko, they disconnected it because we dont pay bills daw for 3 months, eh wala namang bills na dumadating, sunod nd mailipat ung 180k points namin dahil disconnected na daw, then ngaun FUP pa ako ay grabe na eto. now i have all the reason to complain to NTC thanks po sa motivation na nilgay niu dito thanks so much!

  25. Seph says

    Wow, you’ve been exempted in the FUP? How I wish I was too. I’ve been using Smart Bro Unli Internet 999 for about a year now, when I first got it, there was no limits of its usage, until one day, it got very very very slow and now, 10 devices in our house are sharing for 10-20kbps internet. WOW! I didn’t paid them for this snail internet.

  26. madeline delos santos says

    tired to report slow connection and when i called, the line was disconnected always, and another case, my netbook plan 499 was end of contract last July 5, 2013 but Smart still sending bills included my 499 plan. Please give your regular customer good and attentive service…

  27. Mhay says

    Very useful article. Thank you Monique. However, i tried lodging a complaint on the NTC link you provided but i am not able to see any SEND button. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

  28. egrot says

    I actually find the policy fair. However, the cap should only be on large downloads. I hope they can find a way to put a limit only on the download of large files. Video streaming should be exempted. Kung Internet cafe ka, patay ka kasi lahat naman nag yu-youtube. Mayron pang nag-oonline gaming.

    Dapat sa downloads lang para ma-limit lang yong piracy. Hindi dapat kasali ang YouTube, voice/video chat, and game networking.

  29. el says


  30. Ramon says

    I have been experiencing it too. Youtube loads longer and it’s at 144p. I’m going to get PLDT internet connection

  31. jekgeorge says

    Fuckin smart bro 7 years na smartbro namin then i recently xprience this FUP! That never qng alam ! When i call there customerservice un ang sonasabi nila di tulad dati na nagpapapunta cla ng technician para ayucn ung aslow connection.. im so disappointed about that FUP policy!

  32. says

    that smart is so damn i am planning to buy new ang faster modem because I think its because of my modem but that is not the case already…!!! So bad unlimited internet. and always disconnects and diconnects everytime !!!! :(((

    • monique says

      Not immediately. I received it after a few days as part of an email thread with reference to forwarding my complaint to Smart. After that, I got a call from Smart.

  33. Casey Van says

    you guys are lucky with a speed like that,,, my ping is 673ms upload is 0kbits/s and download is 8kbits/s let me know how you get in to their stupid heads and tell them to do something about it. we already try to contact then over 10 times ut nothing got done

  34. Rytsu says

    FUP? “F***ed Up Policy”. I always get a slow internet connection at the end of the month. We always have to wait for at least 3-5 days before the connection is up again.

    • casey says

      I know how you feel i had globe in marbel at least 5 times faster than this here in Davao with smartbro to me it is extortion what they are doing but that is maybe just my opnion

  35. says

    WTH, smart are just doing exemptions on those who complained??? what about the other subscribers who didnt know the FUP policy? im lucky i read this, i also hoped that NTC can do something about this,. not just passing the complaint of other people to those telecom companies

  36. Not the Smartest says

    Check this connection was throttled since yesterday.i don’t even need to download torrents, just download an update for your ipad, watch youtube for not more than 4 hours a day and it’s just been 3 days. i feel so very bad that my hard earned money go to waste. someones got to get the attention of the media.

  37. Barbie says

    Hi. Thank you for the info. That was the reason why they just can’t resolve our issue which started June this year. Nobody told us about that and I guess they are a bunch of ….
    It suddenly went dead and the technician concluded that our location cannot pick up a signal anymore when ur neighbor can.
    I will not be paying to as I have already asked to disconnect.They are harrassing me as they want me to pay them because they have denied my request to disconnect!
    I really hope they get shut down for such a poor service.

  38. Dan says

    Guys why don’t youi use a vpn? if you have a smart bro plug it, pocket wifi or mybro, you can increase your ds speed,, and you can even use the internet even if you don’t have load to start with, 0Pesos load but you still can surf the net, download what you want with great speed

    That is my speed test result, it is slow because i am using a free account, and you can avail a premium account, join their plan for 1,61usd FOR A MONTH! OR CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN LOCATION ANONYMOUTY OR PAY OF WHAT IS IN YOUR BUDGET, EG, YOU HAVE A BUDGET OF 5,00usd a month you can still customize it with that money,

    Monthly Quota for a Customizated account :Unlimited
    VPN Speed:up to 10gbps
    VPN server: Choose where you want
    VPN Protocol: OpenVPN,PPTP,L2TP
    VPN Encryption Check
    with a full suppport team!

    Message me at for more info

  39. jack says

    this fucking smart bro policy make my nerve explode!!!! bullshit! we are paying for what….kaya nga nag-avail ng internet para makapagbrowse, download etc. anak na tipaklong tapos ganyan pa gagawin nilang policies, sana ininform muna nila mga magaavail ng smart bro ang mga ganyang policies….bullcrap talga tong smart bro na to magnanakaw!

  40. ekah says

    Gawd! I experienced din today grabeh …… halos wala na akong magawa sa pc ko maghapon akala ko mareresolve yun sa pag repair nang connection ,kahit anung troubleshoot na ginawa ko wala pa din ..Tumawag ako sa hotline nila sabi nga nila Im under sa FUP I checked sa site kung anu yun nabasa ko nga,nakakaloko strongest connection daw? pero may fair usage policy??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? e di ko nga masyado nagamit sa browsing and streaming internet connection ko…. lokohan? edi parang LIMITED CONNECTION LANG DIN.Then ang sabi nila last week of dec or first week nang january mag rerefresh yung usage so babalik daw sa dati yung connection, kailangan lang daw bukas yung computer? WOW! diba?.. I think I need to switch from another connection na.

  41. says

    So this has been going on for a long time already I see. And they just told me now and before sent technicians over and over again as we experienced ‘on-and-off’ connections. And the whole thing doesn’t make sense, because internet is about bandwidth, not about total datatraffic. Or are the ‘slow’ users getting less bandwidth at the beginning of the month and the ‘fast’ users a slow, virtually impossible connection at the end of the month? And they didn’t even tell me what to do or not to do. And what will I tell my friends and family when they are here? I can’t let you use the internet because of Smartbro’s limited connection?

  42. casey says

    thanks to smartbro i have been ubable to use skype to see my family abroad/ again it has come to a standstill for the last 8 days i have complaind many time but becaus i am not the one on the contract they will not help me and the person they can help is not availeble daytime

  43. says

    naiintindihan ko to, ako din nagulat pero ngayon new year na dapat mabilis na ulit ang connection ko, kasi before christmas bumagal na net ko due to bandwidth cap kahit super tipid at budget na ako gumamit ng net.. pero ngayon nag new year na wala padin, same connection padin ako below .2mbps padin.. ang labo… tapos gawin ko lang daw yun troubleshoot same spee padin eh

  44. PJ Timbol says

    Hi monique! Im planning to file a case report to NTC as well and already visited their website but im slightly confuse on the link youve posted. I have filled out all the needed area and clicked the submit button. Now what to do next? i also downloaded a general complaint form (adobe file) and filled it out also. Would like to hear from you soon what would be the next step. lol Thanks in advance and more power! Godbless Smartbro!:P

  45. says

    Good day, Madam! ano po ba ang possibleng reasons for exemption? i’ve been with smartbro for more than 4 years now, and the main reason i signed up with smartbro is the promised unlimitted and up to 2mbps speed. December 25, 2013 ko lang naexperience to, and when I called the hotline kanina, confirmed nga, na under na ako sa FUP.. =( thanks for your very helpful blog.. More power!

    • monique says

      I don’t really know. Anyway, we already switched ISPs and we’re no longer using SmartBro. Thanks for reading my blog! :)

  46. Carlo says

    I just bought a Smart LTE Pocket Wifi cause i like watching/downloading movies but WTF is wrong with the connection? Blazing Fast connection? Bunch of sh*t! I can’t even browse smoothly. I just wasted my money for this crap. Sa office mabagal at humihinto pati dito sa bahay? LTE ba talaga to?

  47. Nowhere and Everywhere says

    They are scamming us.”Unlimited WiFi” “No bandwidth capping” “Get the fastest internet in the country”. Bullshit. We are paying every month and yet still we haven’t received the service that we deserved. My friend is also a subscriber and he hasn’t been able to go online on his desktop for 9 MONTHS. The fuck is this shit? I hope Smart bro is seeing this because you people should fucking die!! How the fuck should I be able to finish my projects on time or socialize with my mother abroad? I can’t change my subscription because of this fucking contract. I want to rip this fucking contract and shove it in their fucking mouths.

  48. nabwisit sa smart says

    Smart Canopy gamit ko. Aantayin ko nlng mtapos yung 1-year contract, papadisconnect ko na agad. D na tlga kaya. Mawawalan tau ng work dahil dito. Balik ako sa Globe ulet…

  49. quenne lopez says

    hi monique,
    thanks for this article. Napakamalas ko ngaun ko lang nabasa ung article mo. Kakasign-up ko pa lang sa Smart Jan 29, 2014 na activate yong account and since day 1 nagkakaproblema na ako sa connection. Sa madaling araw lang ako pwedeng magpost or upload ng pics or attach even small files to SNS or emails. Since then halos araw araw na akong tumatawag sa Smart but until now ganun pa din. I’ll start filing a complaint to NTC and mas gusto ko na disconnection ang gawin nila. Ayaw kong tumagal sa Smart. thank you for sharing this.

    • Bryan says

      u can still cancel ur service, u have 2weeks or 30days to terminate ur contract, just go to any smart store. well, unfortunate for me I am bound to this fucking contract.

  50. JBM says

    I bought yesterday my Smart bro lte pocket wifi (Alcatel Onetouch Y800). at ngayon, nanghihinayang na ako sa sobrang bagal at putol putol pa ang connection.

  51. JM says

    wala pang one month ng gamitin ko yung smart bro stick mabilis naman at walang problema.then 3 days ago biglang nag beep ng matagal yong smart bro na parang meron narecieve na text message tru the speaker of my pc tapos yun bigla ng bumagal internet ko meaning na FUP narin ako? WTF.

    • says

      Hi Bart,if you are trying to use the smart pocket wifi,make sure that it is suitable in your area or ask smart first if the signal is strong in your area since as of today,I am experiencing problems with my smart pocket wifi plan but very weird that the device status signal says”excellent” but I can hardly connect to any websites even facebook.

  52. Larry says

    Hi, I’ve recently had a run-in with this policy. I am not amenable to this policy as frankly, I paid for a month of usage not half a month. I’ve been a subscriber for about 7 years, I have just recently been aware of this FUP. I have called in for this and requested to have it lifted from my account as well. Honestly, I have had to deal with 3 tech visits and 2 weeks of being seriously pissed off about working with 20 kbps which one of the supervisor agents say that it is “acceptable” since they have not cut off my connection. I have cited your experience as an example to them, sadly they don’t think I’ve been loyal enough. I am now forced to email their customer care (questionable since I have yet to be cared for). But my issue still stands that I paid for a full months connection at a half month’s service….nice right?

  53. stella says

    me too here i experiencing so slow internet a couple of days,i really hate sometimes says no service.Everytime we chat we my fiancee i cant see him truu cam2.Coz the internet so slow…

  54. charles says

    ,, I wish I saw this post earlier, it sucks . ahm….. wat if ur already disconnected, do you still need to pay monthly .. coz the contract says whether u have internet connection or none, u still need to pay the monthly bill , so about those disconnected users do they still pay for monthly bill .. ???

  55. Marie says

    very unacceptable service, I’ve only find out this policy when I tried to call their agent to ask why are we having this very slow internet connection. I have just paid our monthly billing last week and now we are having internet turtle slow connection, they said that this slowness will remain until the end of the month and will restore its normal speed on the 1st day of the month, meaning I still have to wait for 10 more days with this very slow connection we had.

  56. rejy tadnaha says

    fu smart. people are pissed on 100kbps.. guess what? i got 5kbps rate for prepaid. what the f is that all about? 5kbps?! waste of money, time and a true test of patience. i’ll try globe then.

  57. jrosss says

    putragis kasi tong smart bro..ambagal tas nddsconek pa lagi amputa.. kinginang mga gago yang mga yan e… pag ako yumaman, libreng wifi sa buong pinas para wala na kayong customer smart mga mayayamang hampas lupa! haha! 😀

  58. Admin_Sam says

    patay Na FUP me T_T ngaun ko lang nlaman na meron plang (Fair Usage Policy) tapos ka kukuha ko lang nung FREE PRINTER nyek.. wala e2. akala ko nga router or signal ang problema .. un pla FFFFFFUUUUUPPP galing Ng smart……..MATALINO TALGA… PROMISE!!!!!!

  59. says

    right now, im having a problem with smart bro connection.. this is really annoying… whats happening with SMART??? dang! its waste of money… a waste of time…

    • Smart enough says

      Same for me..I actually thought it could not get worse…but good ol smart found a way! I am surprised I am on long enough to finish this sentence!

  60. Smart enough says

    Smartbro is very corrupt and deceiving. Even when I bought the plug in the package say free 10 days then it only gave me 7 days. Now I make my living online and its the worse signal on the planet. The entire world watch us paid the most for the least and Smart is just laughing. THE COMPLAINTS NEED TO GO TO GOVERNMENT FOR HEARINGS.

  61. jp says

    mine’s running on 1.98Mbps but it performs poorly, It’s like waiting 1 hour for 8 minutes on youtube

  62. kdz says

    walang kwentang smart ngaun on of connection pota… ano ba mas maganda pa sa smart.. mag pa disconnect nalang ako. grave tlga..d ko na makaya to..

  63. Criselda says

    thanks for this post, i’ve been planning to terminate my account with WITRIBE for the same reason that my internet speed has been regulated many times already. i should have..but fortunately, i didnt apply for a smartbro canopy, or else i would be suffering now for lower speed, or pending complaints. I guess the only good inbternet provider is PLDT. globe, witribe and smart all has FUP strictly implemented.

  64. meme says

    wow! haha… i was reading about difference about equality and justice and found a very good example. EQUALITY: is when everyone experience the same treatment (slow internet)….(muhahaha *smartbro: equality for all) but it isn’t JUSTICE

  65. ryan says

    pare pareho lang pala tayo ng problema..may nakausap kaming technician ng smart, kaya daw niyang pabilisin ang internet connection namin, mula 18 kbps (sucks) to 1 Mbps at napabilis niya nga ang kaso nag bayad kami sa kanya ng 1000 pesos at sideline daw niya kumbaga parang iniipit lang ng smart ang connection natin..kung tutuusin dapat talaga mabilis ang internet connection.

  66. RWB says

    Im having the same problems. But i think mine is worst of all. All of our devices at home cant or barely connects to the slow net speed. Just happened a few months ago. Before, it was all good and downloads go smoothly. BTW i pay my bills without delay…

  67. says

    I am having the same problem with Globe and the FUP. I use post-paid and signed up for unlimited internet. The response given me when I complained many times.. was that all the mobile ISPs decided to force the policy. I have been searching but I haven’t found 1 ISP that has a mobile package that is not regulated by the FUP.

  68. Bernhaben says

    We always pay our dues on time and at the end of every month. Just now the throttled our speed to 20kbps below a week before this September is going to end. During our previous usage of SmartBro’s connection the speed went from 150 – 210 kb, a few years after that I noticed that they halved our connection speed to at least 70 – 85kbps. Is SmartBro really a legit company? Or a scam company?

    • says

      Really, smart is a fake company, i checked internet with a smart prepaid sim, and i got a 200-300kbps but when i am with the broadcom sim my speed is about 20Kbs maximum in the good moments.
      This tests are in the same house same phone, so there are a restrictions with the unlimited plans…
      The more fake company never get this smart plan because you can’t do nothing, only web pages very slow..useless money…

  69. rommel b. says

    i receive various letter from smartbro’s lawyers. either i pay 3000 pesos or pay 100 k in litigation.
    i had use smartbro for 10 days even though i paid 2 months in advanced. i just got so exasperated that i enroll for globe connection when i found out that i had reach their internet capping. if i haven’t research for it i will never know that their is internet capping. they should inform their customers before asking for application fee. also their technician that installed their antenna should inform their customers, im sure even though the customers would lost their nonrefundable application fee- they would not go through with this measly capping.(globes capping for 2 days is smartbro capping for 1 month with the same monthly bill). i should be the one that should ask for a refund instead im the one facing litigation.


  1. […] One user even managed to compare their rival Globe from a SPEEDTEST that is equivalent. The result is dramatic, and SMART / PLDT end up being egged out when it comes to speed. For those of you who have problems with slow connections, it is best that you make the switch now or contact their customer service regarding on the speed. Remember you get what you paid for and not just for some super slow connection that you get frustrated or the deceptive Terms and Conditions. […]

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